Interactive Decision Design

Grow premiums from the risks that match your strategy.

Taktile empowers underwriters to manage their risk exposure in real-time by enabling them to build and iterate on automated underwriting decision flows faster than ever before.

Maximum Opportunity

Enable truly personalized offers.

Create complex underwriting decision flows that allow you to determine the right price for every policy in no time - without writing any code or waiting for engineering!

Total Control

Tranform your business strategy into underwriting guidelines.

Monitor performance, continuously optimize your risk selection, and apply backtests as well as A/B tests to evaluate new underwriting strategies before setting them live.

Real Efficiency

Let your underwriters focus on the right risk.

Triage submissions based on your strategy and route them to the right underwriters so they can focus on the most value-adding tasks.

Taktile provides our team the capability to iterate on our pricing logic on a weekly basis without requiring any help from our Engineering team, which has resulted in significant margin improvements.

Andrew Gramigna

Senior Data Scientist Pricing at Rhino

As an industry veteran, I appreciate solutions like Taktile, which build on deep industry knowledge and turn the promise of data and machine learning into a reality that works for insurers.

Thierry Daucourt

Head of P&C Commercial Lines

It is great to see how quickly Taktile could position itself as a technology leader among our insurance clients.

Dr. Henna Karna

Head of Insurance

Interactive Decision Design

Empower teams. Eliminate guesswork.

Stop waiting for engineers to prioritize your changes. Enable credit and risk teams to quickly build, run, and evaluate automated decisions with a low-code UI. And leverage Taktile’s off-the-shelf data integrations and insights to make optimized decisions based on evidence rather than gut feeling.

Never Guess

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