Maximize recovery rates and streamline operations with powerful case management and workflow automation

Build effective digital collection strategies

Empower your team to build highly personalized collection strategies by leveraging automation for skip tracing, account checks, and messaging cascades. Design intelligent logic that prioritizes cases based on their potential for recovery and effectiveness.

Use predictive models to recover more

Effortlessly deploy machine learning models that predict value at risk, probability of recovery, or behavioral characteristics. Build next-best-action routing that adjusts to each case's context.

Elevate your team's speed and efficiency

Leverage automation to handle routine tasks and free up your team to focus on high-value activities. With flexible manual review interfaces, you can easily surface all the information you need and customize workflows to accommodate for expert intervention.

All the providers you need for faster, simpler collections

Integrate data and service providers seamlessly into your collections workflow through Taktile's Data Marketplace. Connect effortlessly to your data warehouse and internal micro-services, enabling faster, simpler collections processes.

Effective collections taken to the next level