Interactive Decision Design

You can't guess your way to the right decisionapproval ratepricingloss raterisk selection.

Taktile eliminates guesswork and empowers credit and risk teams to build and evaluate automated decision flows faster than ever before. No help necessary.

Trusted by sophisticated fintechs and banks worldwide

Build decision flows faster.

Grow lending volumes and reduce manual underwriting by designing segmented, automated decision flows.

Sign more customers without increasing risk by designing data-driven decision flows that enable you to lend confidently across the entire credit spectrum.

Grow premiums from the risks that match your underwriting strategy by designing effective decision flows that enable you to determine the right price for every risk.

From e-commerce to logistics, Taktile enables you to easily design automated decision flows that move the needle for your business.

Total Visibility

Choose insight over gut feeling.

Monitor performance, continuously optimize your decisions, and apply backtests as well as A/B tests to evaluate every decision flow before setting it live.

Maximum Impact

Outsmart the competition 
with ease.

Experiment with off-the-shelf data integrations and integrate predictive models into your decision flows to stay ahead of the competition.

Taktile enables us to launch our lending offering quickly and takes care of all the necessary data integrations, so we don’t have to.

Lukas Eicher


Working with Taktile allows us to focus on what matters: improving our credit scoring — instead of spending costly resources developing and managing underwriting infrastructure

Matt Mollison

Chief Data Scientist and Machine Learning Architect

At SaveIN, we are extremely focussed on managing high growth along with profitability and sound portfolio dynamics. Taktile helps us in efficient risk management and flexibility in decision making.

Jitin Bhasin


Taktile provides our team the capability to iterate on our pricing logic on a weekly basis without requiring any help from our Engineering team, which has resulted in significant margin improvements.

Andrew Gramigna

Senior Data Scientist Pricing

Taktile enables us to create highly predictive underwriting signals from raw transaction data that we can use to build and iterate on advanced credit decision flows.

Ferdinand Meyer


Taktile enabled us to get up to speed with ML-driven prepayment risk decisioning within weeks.

Ingo Beyna

Head of Data/AI

Interactive Decision Design

Empower teams. Eliminate guesswork.

Stop waiting for engineers to prioritize your changes. Enable credit and risk teams to quickly build, run, and evaluate automated decisions with a low-code UI. And leverage Taktile’s off-the-shelf data integrations and insights to make optimized decisions based on evidence rather than gut feeling.

Never Guess

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