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Customer Testimonials.

“Taktile helped us to get up to speed with ML-driven prepayment risk modeling within weeks.”

Ingo Beyna
Head of Data/AI, NRW.Bank

“Taktile has mastered the intersection of deep insurance knowledge, relevant tech expertise, and a noble mission, all which have been highly valued by our customers in the financial sector.”

Henna Karna
Head of Insurance, Google Cloud

“Taktile helps us safely generate hundreds of thousands of ML-driven credit decisions every day.”

Ben Liebald
CTO, Branch International
Why Taktile?

We know what it takes to generate real impact with data and machine learning.

We don't stop at proof-of-concepts: Taktile has unique experience in running large-scale production applications for financial institutions. We ensure all our algorithms are fully explainable and meet the governance requirements of the financial services industry.

About Taktile
Data Layer

Access and enrich all of your data.

Taktile allows you to connect, augment, and govern data from heterogenous sources including ERP, CRM, and real-time events such as customer interactions and transactions.

Intelligence Layer

Turn raw data into business insights.

Taktile leverages machine learning and AI to distill actionable insights from structured and unstructured sources of information.

Application Layer

Solve business problems you couldn't solve before.

Taktile provides end-to-end solutions for high impact applications across the financial services industry.


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