State of Lending: Paving the Path to Profitability

Over the past year, rising interest rates and inflation have driven lenders away from "growth at any cost" and toward a new core objective: profitability. Amidst this changing environment, agile, proactive lenders are succeeding while others struggle.

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  • Lenders’ top strategic priorities
  • The path to increasing profitability in the current economic landscape
  • The challenges lenders face with their credit decisioning
  • Predictions for the future of lending

Real insights from lenders across the globe

Key Findings from the Report

Growing profitably amidst a rocky economic landscape can be challenging. Discover lenders across the globe's strategic priorities, the challenges they face, and how they plan to overcome them.


47% of lenders

Identify increasing profitability as their #1 strategic priority


60% of lenders

Need to optimize their KPIs to achieve their strategic goals


70% of lenders

Want to become more agile by increasing the frequency at which they optimize their credit policies