Interactive Decision Design

Automate commercial lending decisions with confidence

Taktile empowers SME lenders to grow lending volumes and reduce manual underwriting by enabling them to build automated lending decision flows faster than ever before.

Maximum Efficiency

Increase automation.

Create segmented decision flows for different industries and business sizes and reduce manual review to a minimum – without writing any code or waiting for engineering!

Total Control

Drive profitable growth.

Monitor performance, continuously optimize your risk selection, and apply backtests as well as A/B tests to evaluate every new credit policy before setting it live.

Real Insight

Stop relying on ancient data sources.

Experiment with B2B-specific data integrations, such as company registries and accounting data providers, and use credit signals generated from proprietary transaction classification models.

Taktile enables us to create highly predictive underwriting signals from raw transaction data that we can use to build and iterate on advanced credit decision flows.

Ferdinand Meyer


Interactive Decision Design

Empower teams. Eliminate guesswork.

Stop waiting for engineers to prioritize your changes. Enable credit and risk teams to quickly build, run, and evaluate automated decisions with a low-code UI. And leverage Taktile’s off-the-shelf data integrations and insights to make optimized decisions based on evidence rather than gut feeling.

Getting Started

As much (or as little) help as you want

Whether you need help launching your first lending product fast or are looking to improve your existing credit policies on your own, we have you covered.


Do it yourself

Build out your existing credit policy on Taktile's low-code platform and start iterating on it in no time.


Use credit policy templates

Use a pre-built, battle-tested credit policy that includes powerful data integrations.


Get support from risk experts

Leverage Taktile's partnerships with some of the world's leading risk experts to help kick-start your lending operations.

Never Guess

Ready to get started and see Taktile in action?