Experience the decision engine that is powerfully simple

Enrich in-house data with new signals for your decisions
Design decision flows with rules & predictive models
Decide on the right outcome for every customer
Optimize performance improvements in real time


Add data sources at the speed of your business.

Stop wasting time on painful negotiations with data vendors and start experimenting with new signals in your decision flows through Taktile's off-the-shelf integrations.


Build decision flows faster than ever.

Taktile empowers you to build and adjust decision flows that combine complex rules and predictive models, without writing any code.


Always make the right decision.

Taktile enables you to assess the impact of a new decision flow before setting it live and serves as a central hub for teams to collaborate and sign off on decision flows.


Choose facts over gut feel.

Taktile offers data and performance insights so that you can optimize your decisioning based on evidence rather than instinct.

Platform Features


Decision Design

Easily design rich decision flows using pre-built no-code blocks such as rules and decision tables as well as free-form Python code


Model Deployment

Infuse your decisions with model predictions by using Taktile's native machine learning platform or integrations with cloud ML tools


Data Enrichment

Leverage new signals in your decision flows and experiment with alternative data from one of Taktile's off-the-shelf integrations



Gain confidence in your decisions by simulating the impact of every change on historical data and thoroughly assessing it before setting it live


A/B Testing

Iterate fast by experimenting with new decision strategies in sub-segments of your population and conducting split tests



Always stay in control through rigorous decision flow versioning, sign-off workflows flows, and comprehensive audit trails


Taktile prioritizes your security, so you can prioritize your business.

We take compliance seriously and understand its significance to our customers and partners. That is why security, privacy, and governance are the foundation of the Taktile Platform.

Contact us to find out more about trust and security at Taktile, including our privacy and data policies, our service status, and 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as latest security attestations.

Data Integrations

All data in one place, zero complexity.

Accessing data from multiple credit bureaus, open banking providers, and other data sources across multiple geographies requires complicated integration, transformation, and aggregation efforts. Taktile takes care of all of that complexity and enables you to leverage pre-processed signals in your decision flows, so you can focus on what sets you apart from your competitors.

Never Guess

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