Data-driven decisions that move the needle, without the risks.

Our financial services decision platform is built from the ground up to allow enterprises to move fast, even in one of the world's most regulated industries.

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Application Layer
Intelligence Layer
Data Layer
Application Layer

Our pre-built applications offer the convenience of Software as a Service, deployed within your cloud infrastructure.

Quick time-to-market

Leverage ready-made solutions.

Building custom AI software costs millions with high risk of failure. With Taktile, you can achieve impact within the quarter.

Multiple Deployment Options

Deploy based on your preferences.

All Taktile applications can be used as SaaS applications or deployed straight into your cloud environment.

24/7 Support

Never worry about downtime again.

Taktile's site reliability engineers make sure our applications perform smoothly and are there for you around the clock.

Intelligence Layer

Taktile leverages machine learning and AI to distill actionable insights from structured and unstructured sources of information.

Ready-to-use APIs

Embed novel insights in your workflows through Taktile's APIs.

Taktile's machine learning models are deployed as auto-scaling microservices that integrate with your business processes.

Decision explanations

Serve explanations, not just decisions.

Taktile includes detailed explanations with every automated decision, creating buy-in and transparency for downstream consumers of model results.

Audit Trails

Take control of your automated decision-making.

Taktile versions models and logs results, allowing you to trace every decisions back to its source and reproduce it.

Data layer
Data Layer

Taktile allows you to connect, augment, and govern data from heterogeneous sources including ERP, CRM, and real-time events.

Connect your data

Connect to data from heterogenous sources.

Taktile allows you to ingest data that is stored on-premise or in the cloud, be it in ERP or CRM systems, or in data warehouses and data lakes.

Augment your data

Augment your data with external data sources.

With the rise of API-based external data sources, it becomes essential to build robust ways of integrating such data with first party data sources.

Govern your data

Ensure compliance with data privacy and other regulations.

Working with personally identifiable information comes with responsibilities. Taktile helps you to organize your data and efficiently process deletion and government information requests.


Read our whitepaper on operationalising artificial intelligence in the enterprise, written with our partner Adesso.

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"In order to compete in the Age of AI, enterprises must build decision factories. Taktile's decision platform is great example of such a factory, with an emphasis on safety and transparency"

Prof. Karim Lakhani
Technology Management and AI Professor, Harvard Business School

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