AI for the Banking Industry.

Leverage your data to engage with your customers in new ways, improve their financial well-being, and build new revenue streams through personalized cross-selling.

Application Layer

Deploy end-to-end machine learning applications for high impact use cases.


Transaction Monitoring.

Use transaction analytics to help your retail and commercial customers identify fraud, improve their financial outcomes, and personalize product recommendations.


Retail and Commercial Lending.

Provide borrowers with a seamless digital loan experience and enable instant credit decisioning with no human supervision to drive profitable growth of your loan portfolio.


Credit Default Prevention.

Identify customers at risk of missing loan payments and proactively offer flexible payment options across multiple channels to reduce defaults and keep customers satisfied.

Intelligence Layer

Leverage pre-built machine learning models and APIs to distill actionable insights from raw data.


Customer Intelligence.

Expand your knowledge about your customers by automatically calculating churn probabilities, lifetime values, and next best actions.

Credit Intelligence.

Expand your knowledge about loan applications through automatic account aggregation, income verification and transaction-based credit risk indicators.

Transaction Intelligence.

Expand your knowledge about transactions by automatically extracting clean descriptions, merchant information, spend category, and additional insights (e.g. recurring transaction).

Data Layer

Create a customer-centric view of your data.

Combine information from heterogeneous sources, including on premise data warehouses and event-based data collection.

Connect Your Data.

Combine your portfolio data with a comprehensive client view across accounts, latest market information, and real-time events such as mobile app sessions.

Expand Your Data.

Combine internal and external data sources such as geospatial information, public news outlets, and corporate filings.

Ensure Compliance.

Leverage Taktile's data integration and data governance solutions to ensure consistent data quality and regulatory compliance.

Case Study / Branch

A fresh approach for credit approvals.


Branch offers mobile financial services in emerging markets.


Managed cloud services slowed Branch down.


Branch used managed cloud services to train, deploy, and maintain their credit scoring models. As Branch expanded to new countries and grew its ML operations rapidly, industry-agnostic, cloud-managed services were not sufficient anymore.


Branch needed a way to iterate on its custom credit-scoring models faster while ensuring all ML-driven decisions are fully in line with their business objectives.


Branch uses Taktile to train and deploy ML-driven credit scoring models quickly and safely.


Branch moved all their credit-scoring applications onto the Taktile Platform, giving them the ability to easily manage dozens of models.


With Taktile, Branch is now able to refresh models much more frequently, while ensuring those models are rigorously tested, explainable, and results are accessible to the entire credit team.

More than:

Increased training frequency.


Reduced training time.

Up to: (points)

Increased AUC.


“We were impressed how quickly Taktile was able to help us achieve results while always adhering to the special requirements we have as a traditional financial institution”

Ingo Beyna
Head of Data/AI, NRW.Bank

“Moving our credit operations to Taktile really helped us to innovate faster and serve our customers in a better way”

Ben Liebald
CTO, Branch International

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