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To date, Taktile's software has been used by our customers to power over 20 million underwriting decisions.

Company Leadership

Leading experience at the intersection of data science and financial services paired with a strong support network of veterans from tech, financial services, and academia.

Executive Team


Maik Taro Wehmeyer


MSc in Industrial Engineering with a focus on mathematical optimization and statistics at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Harvard University, and École Polytechnique.

Worked for McKinsey & Company, SAP, and Robert Bosch GmbH, before joining QuantCo where he met Max. At QuantCo, led development and implementation of software products in the financial services industry.


Dr. Maximilian Eber


BSc in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics from LSE and Oxford. PhD in Financial Economics from Harvard University.

Worked at a London-based hedge fund, the International Monetary Fund, and McKinsey & Company. Helped build and scale QuantCo, a Boston-based data science company where he managed several developer teams.


Dr. Niklas Guske


BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at UZH/ETH, Université Sorbonne IV, and Harvard University. PhD on rationality of retail investors from RWTH Aachen University.

Worked for the German Parliament, a pan European VC Fund, and the Boston Consulting Group.

Dr. Robin Raymond

Head of Engineering

PhD in Mathematics from University of Goettingen.

Co-founded multiple software ventures including Cryzen, a cryptocurrency trading platform based in New York City. Worked as a senior software engineer at Artory, where he led the development of cryptographic features and blockchain integrations.


Ross Mason
Founder Mulesoft
Ben Porterfield
Founder Looker
Mirko Novakovic
Founder Instana
Nancy Zimmerman
CEO Bracebridge Capital
Prof. Karim Lakhani
Technology Management and Artificial Intelligence Professor, Harvard Business School
Prof. Robin Greenwood
Harvard Business School
Hanno Renner
Founder Personio
Daniel Dines
Founder Ui Path
Scott Chacon
Founder GitHub
Michael Kent
Founder Azimo
Tom Glocer
Ex-CEO Thomson Reuters
Ricky Knox
Founder Tandem Bank
Olivier Pomel
Founder Datadog
Dimitri Sirota
Founder BigID
Paul Biggar
Founder Circle CI
Charles Delingpole
Founder Comply Advantage
Mehdi Ghissassi
Head of Product, Deepmind
Keenan Rice
GP Tokyo Black
Matthaus Krzykowski
Founder Salisbury Ventures
Jens Lapinski
Founder Angel Invest


World-class investors believe in Taktile's mission to create value for organizations through smarter and safer decisions at scale.

Taktile Partners

Taktile partners with leading cloud providers and professional services firms that possess skills ranging from data integration to customizing the Taktile Platform for specific client needs.

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Cloud partner case study

Google Cloud, one of the top three global cloud providers, acts as a technology provider for Taktile and leverages Taktile software to offer industry-specific solutions to their enterprise clients in the financial services industry.

For example, Google Cloud is currently co-innovating with Taktile and one of the biggest re-insurers on an image classification system, which runs on top of the Taktile Platform and is aimed at leveraging aerial images for residential underwriting.

Consulting partner case study

Adesso, one of the leading European IT providers, acts as a reseller for the Taktile Platform and implements Taktile software to create business value from machine learning for their broad range of clients.

For example, in a recent client project at a large airport in Germany, Adesso leveraged the Taktile Platform to operationalize an AI system, which was developed to predict traffic at security lines.

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European Regional Development Fund

Taktile's research and development is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Funds from the Pro FIT program of the Investitionsbank Berlin are used to build the underlying machine learning (ML) platform, which can be seen as an operating system for ML in the enterprise. At its core, the platform designed to test and deploy algorithms as well as to explain, maintain, and monitor them once they are live.


Join our talented team, collaborate on inspiring challenges, and contribute meaningfully to adoption of AI/ML.

Working at Taktile
Self-development budget for conferences, books, etc.
Extensive mentoring and feedback.
Equipment of your choice incl. home office setup.
Budget for sports activities.
Relocation support to Berlin.
Complimentary food and drinks at the office.
Top-of-market equity and cash compensation package.
28 vacation days.

“Having joined Taktile as an intern and then a full-time member of the team, I've experienced tremendous personal growth and worked on exciting data science challenges alongside very talented, kind and humble colleagues.”

Elena Stein
Data Scientist at Taktile
Forward Deployed Machine Learning Engineer
Berlin, Germany

As a Forward Deployed MLE, you will design, develop, and deploy machine learning applications to solve customers' problems.

Machine Learning Engineer, Product
Berlin, Germany

As a Product MLE, you will lead the scoping of the feature roadmap for the Taktile platform and be an active member of our engineering team.

Junior UX/UI Designer
Berlin, Germany

As a Junior UX/UI Designer, you will execute qualitative and quantitative user research processes for a variety of different kinds of interactions, from formal user interviews to informal industry expert conversations to sales calls.

Machine Learning Engineer, Intern
Berlin, Germany

As an MLE intern, you will build a large-scale machine vision system (object detection, image classification, and semantic segmentation) on Google Cloud Infrastructure.

Junior Frontend Developer
Berlin, Germany

As a Junior Frontend Developer, you will translate Figma designs into React, and continuously iterate on the implementation based on customer feedback.

Junior Backend Developer
Berlin, Germany

As Junior Backend Developer, you will collaborate with our team on a suite of backend APIs implemented in Python, using FastAPI and Pydantic.

Fullstack Developer
Berlin, Germany

As a Fullstack Developer, you will take ownership of backend and utility components written in Python / FastAPI: Maintain the code, give in-depth reviews of pull requests and improve the component's CI/CD.

Core Values

Passionate responsibility

We all behave like owners, take individual responsibility for achieving Taktile's goals and do what we have to to succeed.

Growth mindset

We are intellectually curious, want to get better individually and as a team, and inspire others with our thirst for growth.

Desire for impact

We want to do things that matter for the world and contribute to a bigger picture.

Creative pragmatism

We care about solving problems in the most effective possible way. We know when innovation is necessary but don't re-invent the wheel.

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