AI for
Asset Management.

Build trust by generating transparency and aligning risk preferences, increase assets under management by relying on personalized and event-based client engagement, and improve operational efficiency to focus on what matters.

Application Layer

Deploy end-to-end machine learning applications for high impact use cases.

Augmented wealth

Augmented wealth management.

Generate transparency by creating a holistic view of your client's investments across accounts, create trust by aligning risk preferences with financial goals, and grow your relationship by identifying personalized investment opportunities.


Event-based lead generation.

Generate high-value leads for prospective clients based on customizable event triggers such as promotions and cross-country relocation that increase your sales effectiveness by engaging at the right point in time.

Document processing.

Document processing.

Use automated processing tools to free-up resources that are typically required to ingest and process all documents related to private as well as alternative investments.

Intelligence Layer

Leverage pre-built machine learning models and APIs to distill actionable insights from raw data.


Customer Intelligence.

Expand your knowledge about your customers by automatically analyzing churn probabilities, lifetime values, event-based engagement opportunities, and next best actions.


Portfolio Intelligence.

Expand your knowledge about your customer portfolios by automatically analyzing positions across accounts, assessing risk, and  recommending assets.


Document Intelligence.

Expand your knowledge about your documents by automating ingestion, information extraction, and processing.

Data Layer

Create a customer-centric view of your data.

Combine information from heterogeneous sources, including on premise data warehouses and event-based data collection.

Connect your data.

Combine your portfolio data with a comprehensive client view across accounts, latest market information, and real-time events such as mobile app sessions.

Expand your data.

Combine internal and external data sources such as geospatial information, public news outlets, and corporate filings.

Ensure compliance.

Leverage Taktile's data integration and data governance solutions to ensure consistent data quality and regulatory compliance.


"Behavioral insights are key for making good financial decisions. With Taktile's real-time data and predictive models, asset managers can better serve their clients"

Prof. Robin Greenwood
Banking and Finance Professor, Harvard Business School

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